Gentoo Configuration tools
Current Stable Version: n/a
Current Beta Version: 0.2.1

This is the homepage of the Gentoo Configuration tools (GCt). GCt is a collection of graphical (GTK+) tools Gentoo administration tools. GCt currently only includes the Gentoo Runlevel tool. But check out the roadmap below for more information.


Howto install:

just download

Just download the file and unzip it using tar -xvjf gentoo-configuration-tools-.tar.bz2. And the run the tool of your choosing.


Current news:

New release - September 20, 2003

Release 0.2.1, ahead of the roadmap :). Just fixed the start/stop/restart functionality for the runlevels editor.

New release - September 20, 2003

Release 0.2 is ready for usage, not truly holding up to the roadmap shown below. The start/stop/restart still does not work. But I'm going to fix that right now :)

New website - September 15, 2003

Welcome to the GCt website. Check regularly for updates, GCt is in alpha stage, so there are lot's of updates.. :)



No releases yet, at least no usable :)

While GCt has one working component, Gentoo Runlevels tool, it will not yet be released, due to a lack of ebuild skills :)



2003-09-20 blubber

* src/services/ start/stop/restart functionality
* src/services/ Fixed selective rc-update

2003-09-15 blubber

* src/services/ Moved some methods around, added some docstrings

See the complete ChangeLog



Version 0.2 - September 22, 2003

Version 0.3 - September 29, 2003


Some items that need work, but don't have a official release date yet. Logo